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At Secrets i share

that which touches my heart & guides my spirit ..
i love wildflowers & vintage lace,
liberty fabrics & garlands,
the healing gifts of nature
& words spoken in kindness

My intention for this space online, is to seek and share inspiration.
For it to be a peaceful place, where a moments pause for reflection helps us all hear the whispers of guidance from our hearts.

I started out in 2007, posting as a way to share what is meaningful to me in an everyday way and what nourishes my spirit and aids my healing.

Guidance as well as inspiration comes in many ways and many forms.
Sometimes through nature, sometimes through a photographic image
or through the written word.
sometimes it comes in the form of a friendship,
sometimes in an article we read, or a song we hear.
Sometimes it comes to us through intuition
or the deepest, softest call of our heart.

Much of this is what continues to be at the foundation of my posts some 7 years on.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit to my little space
do comment or email, i love to hear from you
email me at secretsofabutterfly (at)

sparkling wishes,
Kathryn xox

The Butterfly House

my healing journey :